The Royal Floral Hall

The Floral Hall was opened on May 14th, 1959 at a cost of £21,000.  During the first three years it had been visited by over a million visitors.

During the Winter of 1960-61 a heating system was installed which made it possible to grow a wider range of plants.  There was an interesting variety of tropical and foreign birds which enjoyed free flight.

It was visited by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester on June 8th 1960 and following their visit it was known as the Royal Floral Hall.

It later passed into the hands of a private company and became ‘Butterfly Jungle’. The building was demolished in the early 1990s.



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6 responses to “The Royal Floral Hall

  1. Ah, happy memories-apart from the parrot !!

  2. Carol Hill

    Somehow these pictures make the Events Arena look even worse than it is !

  3. Bob

    I spent many hours there twice a year as the Rhyl & Dist. Hort. Society Show Secretary. Wasn’t it just the most perfect place for a Flower Show etc. Stan was so helpful, nothing was too much trouble.
    Fond memories, never to be repeated, such a shame, even the Society folded up some years ago. Ah well, hardly progress.

  4. Pat

    Lovely memories of the Floral Hall. My mother in law worked in there late 60s or early 70s. She loved plants and meeting people in there and also tried to teach the parrot to talk. I do not remember if it ever did! People had their photos taken in there and these were then sold to them inside a little plastic viewer which was a key ring I think. No technology needed there – it was just plants, butterflies a parrot and a nice warm relaxing area to just wander around and enjoy the colour and learn things about wonderful plants if you wanted to, or just enjoy a wander around if you did not. Another one of Rhyl’s enjoyable promenade venturesgone in the name of progress. I must get these rose tinted spectacles changed!

  5. Tony Lever

    I don’t know if this is correct but I was told the reason they pulled the Floral Hall down was that the rules and regulations from the EEC stated that all glass above a certain height had to be a certain thickness, the glass in the Floral hall did not comply, and the frames were not designed for the heavier grade of glass. It wasn’t viable to try to modify the frames, so they pulled it down. The fact that it had survived nearly 30 years without any major problems didn’t matter. Why did we ever go into Europe?

  6. I have wonderful memories of the Butterfly Jungle. During a very painful and difficult time of my life I had regular appointments with a psychologist at the Alexandra Hospital. I traveled to and from these appointments alone, I found it so hard – not least because it was winter. Visiting the steamy heat of this wonderful place made me feel so much better. It was my treat to myself for even managing to get there. It also inspired me to travel much further afield. a few years later I ended up spending a year in Africa travelling from place to place. I can still remember the heat and the wonderful earthy smell of this remarkable place.

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