Glyndwr Secondary Modern School Football Team 1961-2.

Here is another wonderful photograph contributed by Graham Evans, how many can you name?



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6 responses to “Glyndwr Secondary Modern School Football Team 1961-2.

  1. Hi,could you please ask Mr.Graham Evans if he has any photos of the pupils of Glyndwr in 1961/63,the years I was there as a pupil.I was in 1S/2S and 3S class and would love to see a photo of myself,IF possible.I do not recall the boys in the football team,I was a painfully shy girl and hardly spoke to many pupils.Thank you Miss Marie Roberts

  2. Gareth Brooks

    I think i’m right !. Dave Spencer-Evans with the ball at his feet, to his right as you look at the photo Howard Rose, and front row on left first one in is “Nibs” but i cant remember his real name.

    • Graham Evans

      Yes, you’re right and Nibbs’ name is Paul Roberts. From back row left are, Matthew Jones (Headmaster), Dave Jones (DB), me, Tony Mallelieu, Derek Evans (jobo), Dave Evans, Gareth Lewis, Mr Hughes (PE Teacher), front row from left, Paul Roberts (Nibbs), Andy White, Dave Spencer Evans, Howard Rose and Willie Jarvis.

  3. Richard G Williams

    Crickey, I remember Howard and obviously Marhew Jones and Andy White and all the rest etc, what happy times Yoh Graham , how is it going!

  4. Graham Evans

    Plodding on and wouldn’t mind travelling back to play in that team again!

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