August Quiz

This month is a quiz with a difference, the difference being I don’t know the answer.  The photograph is taken on the West Parade, but on the corner of which street?  The letters on the corner of the building read “MON”.  Can anyone identify the location?



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8 responses to “August Quiz

  1. Alun Rhys Jones

    They loved their charabanc trips didn’t they…
    Oops, mustn’t go out without my hat…

  2. emma horton

    Was the Mona Hotel anywhere off West Parade? I have been trying to work out where it was after reading a story about a maid who worked there and killed her baby, but am no closer. It was suggested Market Street in one article but I’m just wondering if the MON on the building is part of the sign for it…. Sadly i don’t think these buildings are there anymore 😦

  3. Trevor Wilkinson

    The top of Water Street and the West Parade.

  4. Bob

    Got me there as I had never heard of Monica Hotel, was that before the Esplanade Hotel? Wasn’t the Mona on Market St/ Queen St Corner?

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