This lovely photograph (c.1921) shows the top of High Street, on the right the “Picture House” can be clearly seen.

click on image to enlarge

In his book “Rhyl, the Town and its People” J.W.Jones explains that just as the Market Street cinema was always popularly known by the name of its proprietor (Cheetham’s),  the High Street cinema was also known after its owner, Mr. Henry Kirk.  Mr Jones wrote: It was really named “The Picturedrome”, but we always referred to it as Kirk’s.  He went on to explain further:

In 1917 it was leased to Mr Saronie, another pioneer of the cinema in North Wales, and was billed under the heading of “Saronie’s Enterprises”  He also owned the Scala Cinema, Prestatyn.  Mr Saronie’s real name was Roberts, but he took  his wife’s maiden name for business purposes; he lived to be a nonagenarian and died on 16th June 1967 aged 95.

In 1921 the cinema again changed ownership and name.  In January it was the “Super Picture House”; in February the “Picture House” (late Saronie’s); by April it was “The City Picture House” which name it managed to keep until it closed forever on July 9th, 1921.

The Royal Hotel can also be seen, on the corner of High Street and Sussex Street.


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