Grange Laundry

Below is an artist’s impression of the Grange Laundry, 1905.  The site is currently occupied by “One Stop” (Tesco).

In 1955 the Laundry celebrated its Golden Jubilee.  The Rhyl Journal on January 20th published the following article:

The Grange Laundry, Rhyl celebrated its Golden jubilee on Friday last, January 14th and to mark the occasion the management entertained the staff and their friends to dinner and a visit to the pantomime “Puss in Boots” at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool.

After dinner Mr G.S. Hindley addressed the company briefly recalling the days when girls started work at 3/- per week for an eleven hour day, and laundry was collected not only locally but as far afield as Bangor and Llandudno by horse van.  He thanked the staff for their hard work and co-operation throughout the years, adding that some had served there for twenty, thirty and forty years.

Mr T. Roberts, foreman, (with 38 years to his credit) responded on behalf of the staff and thanked the management for the pleasure they had given by providing the celebration party.

Grange Laundry Staff, click image to enlarge.

The laundry was founded in 1905 by Mr G.A. Goodwin C.M.G., who came to Rhyl for his sister’s health after a successful career as a mining engineer in the Transvaal Gold Mines in South Africa.  He took no part in the conduct of the business, which from its inception until his death in 1946 was in the capable hands of Mr R.B. Worrall who with the help of his wife and her cousin, Miss Nina Godwin, built up the business.  After Mr Worrall’s death a Limited company was formed, the directors being Mrs D. Worrall (Chairman), Mr G.S. Hindley (Manager) and Mr J.G. Worrall (Secretary), nephews, who still conduct the business.




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4 responses to “Grange Laundry

  1. Alan

    Very interesting. Does anyone know when the laundry closed , and when was it demolished and what took its place soon after?

  2. Pat

    Since I have lived in the Grange Road area for many years I have watched the changes with interest. It was still a working Laundry in 1969 because my mother and mother-in-law both worked evening shifts there together, as a part time job. Not long after, the late 70’s I believe, a business man bought the Laundry and the frontage was knocked down and the back all opened out to become a showroom for gas and electric fire surrounds and appliances. There were large glass windows installed to the front and a large flat built above with a staircase entrance to the right hand front side of the building to gain access to the flat. This business was taken over at a later date by a young couple who lived above the business. In the early 90s, I believe it was taken over by the Spar group and a year ago it was taken over and became the One Stop shop with some obvious changes to the frontage and the interior of the downstairs shop floor.
    Such is progress – the lovely frontage of the old building was quite a landmark and will be remembered fondly by many of the more mature residents of Rhyl.

    • Alan

      Thanks Pat. When you said a fire surround sales place was on the site of the old laundry, I remembered then that in the 1980s the store was called Hearth and Home. Thanks so much for filling in the rest of the history regarding the Grange Laundry site.

  3. Ema

    The lady second row…2nd in from the right is my grandads mum,,,I’m sure

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