July Quiz Photo

How long will this one take?



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11 responses to “July Quiz Photo

  1. I think I had a discussion with Glenn Mitchell about these which were found at various places around Rhyl. I understand that they were gas vents for the sewage system so that any smells were carried away from the town. I remember one in particular being outside Emmanuel school and another on the corner of Marsh Road and Vale Road. They were quite easy to miss because unless you looked up you might easily mistake them for a lampost – except they were thicker and made of cast iron. Are they still there?

    David Hughes

  2. Maggi

    I don’t know so I hope someone answers soon !!

  3. keith

    By Shell Garage?

  4. Brian

    It looks like the top of one of the old sewer vents. It’s not ours in Victoria Road though… we’ve still got the weather vane arrow.

  5. Bob

    No Keith its NOT the one by Shell Garage, that stillhas Weather Vane on top and is a different shape anyway.

  6. Bob

    I think it’s an old gas street lamp that sat on a wall, it might well have been one of the old stone railway bridges, but it isn’t. Or at a corner of a back entry or similar. Unless it’s a relic in someone’s garden, not mine though.

  7. No correct answers so far, but the evening is young.

  8. emma horton

    It is on the left hand side of the semi circle of seating at the corner of Splashpoint

  9. It’s an ambition of mine to find a photo that lasts longer than a day, alas not this time. Emma is correct, it is at Splash Point. What is it though? Is it an old gas lamp as Bob suggests? I presume there was a matching one on the other side at some point.

  10. Maggi

    Well done Emma ! x

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