“Long Road to Rhyl” 1962.

The Auto Cycle Union is the governing body for motor cycle sport throughout Britain.  It was founded in 1903 as the Auto Cycle-Club with the aim of developing motorsport through clubs and arranging touring facilities for individual members.  It was renamed the Auto Cycle Union in 1907.

Fifty years ago the A.C.U. held its National Rally in Rhyl.  An article appeared in the publication “Motor Cycle” on July 12th, 1962 entitled “Long Road to Rhyl” by Don Bridgewood.

The article describes the day  “For 24 hours, from 70 controls scattered all over England and Wales, the king-size kaleidoscope of riders and machines gradually shuffled into its final pattern on the sea front at Rhyl, the North Wales seaside resort.  And it was a pattern of easy and – except for a few unfortunates, me included – trouble free rides…”

“All in all, a wonderful weekend, with a warm welcome from the Rhyl council at the end of the ride.  And consolation for those who, like me, had to settle for less than maximum points: there’s always next year.”

Here is the link to the A.C.U website: http://www.acu.org.uk/


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