Osborne’s Cafe and “Madame Osborne”

The photographs  below show “Osborne’s Cafe” within the the Pavilion.

This is an extract from “Rhyl, The Town and its People” by J.W.Jones (1970) :

“Madame Osborne” was one of those people who wished to be known as a character.  She told me on one occasion, “I know that I am a character in this town, and, believe me, I’m going to stay that way.”  She was an extremely accomplished woman.  A talented pianist and violinist, and among her other accomplishments she could speak fluent French.  Indeed she claimed to be from a French titled family.

A fine figure of a woman, her husband, who predeceased her by some years, was quite the opposite.  She was, of course, an exhibitionist, and kept her name constantly before the public by means of little notices in the personal columns of local newspapers thanking her many friends for their kindnesses during her illness or for their birthday congratulations, etc.

For many years she was the tenant of the Pavilion Cafe and the Pavilion Gardens Cafe, and she was part of the “show” when, during the interval at the theatre, she would walk through the auditorium shouting “Tea or Coffee”, in a loud but quite refined voice.

In her later years she ran “Madame Dorothea Osborne’s Dance Band”, when she wore some remarkable dresses, very Edwardian, but well suited to her personality.

I make no excuse for including her among Rhyl’s “characters”.  She would have been delighted!

A “Celeb” before her time, how she would have loved the internet and social networking to aid her self promotion!

Perhaps she was one of the ladies dressed in black in the first photograph.


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