Thornley Avenue children, 1970.

Every now and then someone sends in a photograph that is an absolute gem.  This wonderful photo is another from Chris Smith and shows children from Thornley Avenue in 1970.  Although I know nothing of the circumstances of the photograph and know nobody on it, I can’t stop looking at it – it’s so charming and evocative.  If anyone can provide further information about the photograph, please leave a comment.



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14 responses to “Thornley Avenue children, 1970.

  1. Margaret Eccleston

    Absolutely lovely photograph.I hope people will provide details.

  2. thats my dad michael jamieson in the bandaged arm

  3. Thanks Kelliirose, does he remember the photograph being taken, or what the occasion was?

    • I am the little girl in the front row on the left…Joanne Smith, we lived at 46 Thornley Avenue and I believe this photo may have been taken on the day we had a street party for Prince of Wales Investiture 1969.

  4. Gareth Brooks

    I agree. What a lovely, lovely photograph. I really hope Kelliirose can give some detail. I knew a Lynda Jamieson who used to live in Thornley from school at Llewellyn.!

  5. maureen price

    Hi. my husband Gareth Price is on the back row on the left at the end. He lived in Thornley Avenue at number 3 for 20years with his nan Lilian Price and grandad Francis Price who used to do the papers at the old bus station in Rhyl High Street. He remembers the Machens from Thornley avenue and that mr Machen was a keen photographer and liked to take photos of everyone and everything, this was one of his photos. My husbands brother Anthony is on the front row far right on the end and his sister Lilian is also on the front row second from the left. He recognises some of the other children as Phillip, Glyn and Jane Macdonald, Michael Jameison, Colin Dowington, Yvonne and Andrew Williams and Christopher Smith

    • Thank you Maureen, for all the information. Mr Machin was obviously a talented photographer, it’s a great photo.

    • Francis price

      Hi maureen,

      I just came across this post as i was searching the net.would it be possible for a private email or contact number, as i have a couple of questions about some of the people you mentioned.

    • Sharon Rowling

      Hi Maureen. In light of recent family events I was doing a web search hoping to locate some family and found this.
      I’m Gareths cousin and I was wondering of there was anyways you could contact me.
      Thanks 🙂

    • Nikki

      Do u remember a micheal price of thornley

  6. kathleen newton nee jamieson

    What a lovely photo I have never seen it before my two younger brothers michael and stuart jamieson are on it michael with bandage on arm stuart at back second to left l do remember most of the children we lived at 36 thornley ave ln fact my mum still lives there has done for the last 65 years

  7. Gill Cairns

    Me.. My brother and sister … Yvonne, David & Gillian Williams from no 11 are on this pic. I thought it was Jane Macdonalds birthday party!!! Not sure. Colin and Gail Dowinton, Michael & Stuart Jamieson, Christopher & Joanne Smith. Jenny Smith, Colin Clewes, Stuart Garnett, ? Bamber, Gareth , Lillian & Anthony Price…. Glyn, Jane & Philip Macdonald ( who’s sat next to me pulling a face)

  8. Beth jamieson

    That’s my dad Stuart Jamieson he is on the back row second from the left 🙂 he lived at 36 Thornley avenue 🙂

  9. Colin Dowinton

    The pic is taken in the McDonald’s front garden, Glyn, Phil and Jane and would have been one Glyns birthday parties, no 38 Thornley Avenue, back row Gareth Price, Stu Jamieson, Jenny Smith in front, Colin Clews, Dave Williams, Glyn Macdonald, Mike Jamieson, Chris Smith, me( Colin Dowinton) and Glyns Cousin and Dave Williams Sister and my sister Gail in front of her.

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