International Swimming Gala at Rhyl

Leading swimmers of the British Isles visited Rhyl Swimming Pool on Saturday, September 5th, 1931 for a three countries swimming gala, which took place between teams representing England, Scotland and Wales.

This from the Rhyl Journal of September 12th:

England secured a runaway victory in the three cornered international swimming gala held at Rhyl Open Air Baths last Saturday.  The English team won every event gaining the full 36 points.  Scotland gained second place in all but one event, securing 15 points, and Wales, who gave a disappointing display, gained only 13 points.  The winner of the 100 metres, men’s free style, H. Taylor, broke the record for the baths.  A surprising feature of the gala was the defeat of Miss E. Valerie Davies in the 150 yards, ladies back stroke race.

During the afternoon, a diving display was given by Mr Tom Scott, of the Oldham Police S. C.  A water polo match was held between the Northern Nomads (England) and the Celtic Nomads (Scotland and Wales) resulting in a victory by 3 clear points for the former team. 

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