As kids in the 1950/60’s, trainspotting was what we did.  Wait for the train, and then underline the number of the train you had spotted in your book, with your pencil – hours of fun!

Check out your numbers here:

Here is a wonderful youtube video of the Railway Stations along the Vale of Clwyd from Corwen to Rhyl:



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2 responses to “Trainspotting…

  1. miss marie Roberts

    Absolutly wonderful to see the rail tracks,that ran to Rhyl from Corwen.I used to live in Trefnant 2011, and my flat was built next to the old rail line.Thank you for the journey Many thanks Marie

  2. Gareth Brooks

    Myself and my mates from the Bath street/Morley road area spent many a hot day on the roof of the plumber’s,(later to be come Clwyd glass), behind the Dudley Hotel trainspotting.
    With the platform for the local trains right next to us (3A !!), and with a constant flow of trains in both directions we were kept busy, and watch-out if you were caught under-lining a train you had’nt seen. If there was a lull in the trains we would have a quick burn-up on our bikes around the cinder car-park of the Dudley. It used to be a bowling green.

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