Attention all shipping………..

Wireless in Wales is a museum that celebrates the contribution of Wales to the evolution of radio technology  and broadcasting.  It is based in Denbigh and within the museum are a fascinating collection of radios and information, displaying some very early sets from the 1920’s to the 1960’s.

One of the sets at the museum has a small plaque on the lid stating that it was manufactured by Foulkes and son, Radio Engineers, High Street, Rhyl.  The museum label adds that it is c. 1926 and is a four valve receiver.

As far as they are aware this is the only set in the collection that was manufactured in Wales and is therefore important to them as a case study.

The museum would love to know more about Foulkes and son, and see any photographs of them, their shop/workshop, other sets that they made, reminiscences about people visiting the shop/workshop etc.    The link to the “Wireless in Wales” website is given below:

If anyone can help could they please leave a comment, or contact Rhyl History Club.



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  1. Information we have received so far suggests that there was a radio ham room above Foulkes’s Bar in High Street. The two brothers were called Eric and Cyril. Can anyone confirm this? We also believe they may have had a workshop at the Mens’ Convalescent Home in Bedford Street.

  2. Maggi

    I was going to mention Foulkes’ Bar-surely there must be a connection ?!

  3. george turpin

    From a distant memory from the late 1940’s I seem to remember his call sighn was GW5FU and seeing his ham aerials showing above the shop.

  4. Thanks George, can you explain what a call sign is, and whether the numbers/letters are significant, for those like me who don’t understand! Keep the reminiscences coming… Ed.

    • george turpin

      GW5FU callsign.
      As an licenced amatuer radio enthusiast, to be able to transmit you had to be registered (with who I can’t rember but obviosly officialdom).
      Your callsign was your personal identification, especialy whilst operating your radio so that you continued the coversation with the person you had contacted. For instance today a rescue helicopter contacting an RNLI lifeboat would say ‘Lifeboat16-04 this rescue 167 ‘etc, identifying that those two services are contacting each other.
      The ‘GW’ identifys Great Britain, Wales and the 5FU are your personal identification code, rather like the latest car registration plates.
      As a licenced radio ‘Ham'(amatuer) one could use sufficient power to be able to talk to other ‘Hams’ from many differant countries and ,under freak radio conditions, great distances could be covered.
      Hope this answers your question…………George

  5. Robert Scott via Mair Owen.

    I have just been talking to a founder member of The Childsres Theatre Club circa 1945, who used to use ‘The Studio’ which was an upstairs room, accessed by a wooden? stairway at the rear of ‘Foulkes Bar’ aka The Crown Hotel on High St. May may more later after starting a new ball rolling.
    Regarding ‘The Chester Houses’ could it be ‘Chester Terrace’? if so where is it? There is another thought that it could refer to a Row/Terrace of 3 story, possibly once black and white style, houses in Paradise St or even Kinmel Street or similar old properties but as yet nothing further.

  6. An image of Foulkes’ Bar appears in this youtube video

  7. carole little

    Is George Turpin a rele of Liz Turpin

  8. Martin Owen

    I remember in the 1960’s Mr Foulkes gave a talk to the Rhyl and District Amateur Radio Club (upstairs room in the Windsor) about early radio in Rhyl. The main thing I remember of the talk was that on a Saturday night – before the BBC came in and radio was excessively regulated by the govt, there was a broadcast from Foulkes’s Bar – a popular watering hole in High Street – of wahtever band was performing there.

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