February Quiz Photographs and a request.

There are two photographs this month to reduce risk of the quiz being over within half an hour!
















Calling all ex Glyndwr pupils born in 1952/53.  We have had an enquiry from someone looking for photographs of that school year.  The reason is to surprise his Dad for his birthday, so if anyone can help please leave a comment or e mail the club, thank you.




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7 responses to “February Quiz Photographs and a request.

  1. Naomi

    Seabank road or Westbourne Avenue?

  2. No, not Seabank Rd or Westbourne Avenue, sorry!

  3. just guessing here pic 1 st anne’s church ,and pic 2 tarleton street or alexandra road

  4. Well done James, it is St. Anne’s Church, but not correct for photo 2. Hopefully this months quiz will last longer than a day this time!

  5. Shirley Quinn

    Photograph ! St Ann’s Church
    Photograph 2 Wall of Winter Gardens at back of houses on Lake Avenue
    Shirley Quinn

  6. Hi Shirley, yes, you’re quite right! The wall is part the original perimeter walls of the Winter Gardens, on the west side of Lake Avenue. It stretches almost up to the promenade. Will put a post up about the Winter Gardens soon. Ed.

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