The Jazz Club at The Bee Hotel 1962

The Bee Hotel is soon to be redeveloped by Denbighshire County Council.  Many people remember it as the home of Rhyl Folk Club, but how many remember The Jazz Club?  Pat Brooks evokes happy memories of the club from fifty years ago:

“How sad The Bee Hotel is soon to be no more! I have so many happy memories of the early sixties when The Jazz Club held its weekly jazz sessions on Tuesday night with a regular local Jazz Band (I cannot remember who they were but hope someone can help me on this) and the nights when they had guest players ie The Wall City Jazzmen and The Merseysippi Jazz Band. It was the place to go. Had to get there early because it was always packed and we had to get our drinks in the front bar before going along the hallway to pay our fees to the man on the door (his name I forget, hope someone can place it) to enter the back room with its little stage and its brass ornaments and the dingy lighting to hide the dated décor but so what – it had great atmosphere (hardly healthy)as the majority of  the members were staunch drinkers and smokers but most of all everyone knew everyone and even if they did not at first they soon did when the music started, usually far too loud, and we jived ’til our feet were sore.

Jazz was not every persons cup of tea but it did not matter because we just wanted to be there, to meet up, shout over the music, enjoy the company and to feel like one of the “in crowd”. Girls dressed in their high heels and full skirted dresses, back brushed hair or their slinky tight outfits and their chignon hair dos. The air laden with the smell of the girl’s Tweed perfume and hair lacquer and  Old spice and hair gel from the smart lads.  Enough to get high without any help from anything else!! Many of  us met our future halves there – or lost them – either way there was always something going on. People came from near and far for a good night there. Along the North Wales Coast to Chester there were regulars and sometimes you would meet people who were starring at the Pavilion or other local theatres. I know that John Thaw the actor came and also Lonnie Donegan’s band enjoyed a night or two there when they were appearing at The Gaiety Theatre.   

I know that there are many people who will have memories of this great time and I know that looking back with rose coloured spectacles will have different memories for each and everyone but no-one can dispute the fact that The Bee Hotel has played a good part of many people’s lives whether it was as a Jazz Club, a Twist Club or a Folk Club. So lets remember it with fondness, not a run down place, neglected and in disrepair but a place where people from the 60’s, 70’s , 80’s and 90s had a great time full of good times and they will always have those memories even when The Bee has gone. I hope others will write about their times at The Bee, be them happy or sad it will make interesting and nostalgic reading and that is not a bad thing as we get a little older! Happy days.”      

For information on what is planned for “The Bee” see this link:;jsessionid=4tjJN1dHpKGQGGGQ2p31z5msHypw7L0XjwxnrP9zWhQbnPh510J6!1917460886?lang=en&status=closed



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16 responses to “The Jazz Club at The Bee Hotel 1962

  1. Gareth Brooks

    What a great account of the fun had at the Bee hotel.
    Luckly the building will be saved so those great memories will live on.

  2. Alun Rhys Jones

    As a brand-new embryonic Folkie @ the Bee around 1969, I always thought the Jazz Club was for posher people…! Hah… if only I’d known Aunty Pat went there that would have put things in perspective.

  3. carole little

    It was the place to go, many happy memories.

  4. carole little

    Have managed to track Audrey Muller who with her husband Roy
    ran the BEE HOTEL, she will get her son to show her the details soon
    sadly Roy passed away 9 years ago, she was thrilled to hear from me
    again thanks Pat for the memories.

    • George Owen

      I’ve just stumbled on this site and it was a real trip down memory lane. I remember Roy and Audrey in the 50s when they ran the Victoria before they went over the bridge to the Bee. I was a teenager then and used to go to the Vic with some mates and I’d sometimes play chess with Roy on the bar. Audrey, who was a really stylish beauty, always made our hearts beat a little faster when she appeared behind the bar and we followed them over the bridge to the Bee and the Jazz Club – happy days! All best wishes to you Audrey.

      • Ashley Muller

        Cheers George..
        I’ll pass on your wishes
        Audrey( mum) will be 80 this month. She is well and enjoys walks on the beaches of north New South Wales daily

  5. Please give Audrey my best wishes for a very happy birthday. George

    • Ashley Muller

      Will do I’ll call her tonight , am working in Colorado. And will not see her until April..when am home I’ll dig up so photos. From those jazz days

      • georgio1928

        Ask her if she has any from when she and Roy were in the Victoria pub. I’d love to see them. Cheers George
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  6. Ashley Muller

    No worries George

  7. Ashley. Merry Christmas. Did you ask your Mum if she had any pix of when she was ib the Victoria at Rhyl? George

  8. jackthelad1313

    I was taken into the back room to see the armoury and the mural of Buffalo Bill about 1960 or 61 because my Dad was in the RAOB(Buffs) and the Bee Hotel was I believe home to the Colonel Cody Lodge.The barman put a revolver in my hand but said not to fire it(probably had the firing pin taken out) and said that it had belong to Buffalo Bill! Of course I had no reason to believe otherwise,but it was an occasion that I will never forget.Wonder if that mural’s still there? Replies would ‘Bee’ most welcome.

  9. The “mural” in question was, as I understand, a framed “poster” of Buffalo Bill. Last seen at the R.A.F. Club a few years ago, as that was obviously where the Buffs met. Not sure where it is now although I have a photograph of it. I have been told that it was possibly an advertising poster used prior to his visit to Rhyl, one was then framed by the owner of the Rhyl Advertising Firm, who was a Buff. Does anyone know where the Buffs meet now?

    • jwolfiewilliams13

      Thanks for the info.I didn’t know that Buffalo Bill actually came to North Wales!As a child I was mad about Cowboys & Indians & it was such a thrill to have gone there that day.Don’t know where the Buffs meet in Rhyl these days but will try & find out.

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