Sussex Place – unsloved mystery.

The mystery of the ginnel besides Marks and Spencer (north side) rumbles on, Paul says this alley was known as Greenbank Square.  We now have a photograph of Gibson Jones Printer/Leader Offices which was situated at the end of the alley.  Richard thinks Sussex Place may be off Queen Street.   There is also a Sussex Lane which links Sussex Street and Queen Street.  The correspondence regarding the mystery is re-printed below.  All information/memories gratefully received.


From Mike:

“A plea for help. Next time you are speaking to one of your “ancients” can you please ask if anyone can recall an alley, off the east side of High Street, called Sussex Place. It was above Marks & Spencers and I am convinced there was a sign on the side of a building. I have a suspicion it could have been the alley that led to the Leader office! If i cannot get confirmation I will, sadly, have to admit that I am definitely losing the plot”


“Mike, I have a feeling that Sussex Place is off Queens Street, just past the rear of Wilkinsons and before Sussex Street. It leads to the rear of premises on Sussex Street.”
Richard Evans


From Paul:

“Hi all
With ref to the question about Sussex place. The Alley leading to the Leader Office was Greenbank Square. I did some research on this a few years ago. One entrance to it can still be seen down the side of M&S. There were 2 entrances in high st and quite a lot of people lived in the Square. Ref 1891- census onwards. Sussex place however ( and I remember the sign) was io think off Queen st. But will ask my dad to clarify as he is a “Rhyl Ancient” lol”



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9 responses to “Sussex Place – unsloved mystery.

  1. Mike

    My thanks to those people who have assisted in my “lost cause” ie the search for Sussex Place. Looks like I am going to have to admit defeat, maybe the onset of alzheimers (although they tell me if you can say it you haven’t got it)!!!

  2. Not a lost cause Mike, have a few irons in the fire, we haven’t given up yet!

  3. Gareth Brooks

    I agree with Mr Evans, i think, a he does its the passege/ginel between Dixie’s gift shop and Wilkinsons,(used to be Rhydwen Jones and Davies furniture store). At the rear of what used to be Espleys the butchers now Weatherspoon’s.

  4. Eddie Jones

    I do not know the name of the alley but my mother who has lived in Rhyl since 1935, tells me the printing shop was a house called Chester cottage were my father and his family grew up.
    It ran between High street and Churton road.

  5. I have read about Rhyl’s forgotten “places” by J.W. Jones, in a column he wrote for the Rhyl Journal in 1965. It doesn’t help us with Sussex Place but here is what he has to say about Greenbank Square:

    ” Greenbank Square, which was reached from the passage at the side of Marks and Spencer was one of the oldest parts of Rhyl. In face I have been told that the houses were built of sea shore pebbles and wood from wrecked ships. It was a very pleasant little haven, the houses being built in the form of a square around a miniature “village green”. There is a possibility that Greenbank Square is the actual start of the town of Rhyl, being the first collection of houses in one place, the rest being scattered farms and cottages. It was demolished a few years ago to build warehouses for Marks and Spencer.”

  6. julie lynn brady

    I have been tracing my family history and my grandmother was born at 13 Greenbank in 1886. My late father also told me that there was a cobblers there which my grandfather was in his time.He told me it was at the back of where the halifax is.

  7. julie love brady

    I have also found family who used to live in Sussex Lane through the cencus of 1891

  8. Martin Conyard

    Hi there,
    I have rcenetly bought, amongst a mixed lot, a photo album containing dozens of photo postcards showing various places and scenes in and around Rhyl.
    One of which shows what appears to be a fire in or near to the Rhydwen Jones & Davies Furnishings buildings (and the saw mills adjacent to).
    The post mark is jy 27/05. I will look through them when I can as there may be another or others that are similar.
    I am wondering if this might answer any questions for you?
    Kind regards

  9. Thanks Martin, keep us posted.

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