New Year Newsletter

Happy New Year to all!

This calendar is from 1938 and carries a sentimental message:


The blog has had a few requests/questions:

Carole asked about the skating rink, so here are some images (click image to enlarge):

From Mike:

A plea for help. Next time you are speaking to one of your “ancients” can you please ask if anyone can recall an alley, off the east side of High Street, called Sussex Place. It was above Marks & Spencers and I am convinced there was a sign on the side of a building. I have a suspicion it could have been the alley that led to the Leader office! If i cannot get confirmation I will, sadly, have to admit that I am definitely losing the plot

(Maps have been checked, the site visited, but no mention of Sussex Place – can anybody help? Ed.)

From Sue:

Hello Rhyl,
This is a long-shot but I’m getting nowhere fast!
I’m seeking any information on my great grandfather and any of his family. His name was John Middleton, 1834-1901, and I think he was born in Criccin. His wife was Elizabeth Jones b. 1835 in Rhyl, and they had a very large family of about 11 children,  including my grandmother, Lucy, so there should be some Middletons still about.
John was a builder, slater and plasterer, and I believe it was a family firm.  Several of his sons went to live in the USA and did very well, but there were still some at home.
The family lived in Hope Street, Rhyl.
Is there anybody out there who has any knowledge of this family at all?  I would be thrilled to hear from them.
Rhyl History Club hope you enjoy the content of the site, the blog on the site facilitates interaction and we’d love to hear from you.  Alternatively our e-mail address is:



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3 responses to “New Year Newsletter

  1. Alun Rhys Jones

    Aue, You might try asking Denbigh people, as ther are/were a lot of Middleton’s in and around Denbigh. Best of luck

  2. Richard Evans

    Mike, I have a feeling that Sussex Place is off Queens Street, just past the rear of Wilkinsons and before Sussex Street. It leads to the rear of premises on Sussex Street.
    Richard Evans

  3. paul Evans

    Hi all
    With ref to the question about Sussex place. The Alley leading to the Leader Office was Greenbank Square. I did some research on this a few years ago. One entrance to it can still be seen down the side of M&S. There were 2 entrances in high st and quite a lot of people lived in the Square. Ref 1891- census onwards. Sussex place however ( and I remember the sign) was io think off Queen st. But will ask my dad to clarify as he is a “Rhyl Ancient” lol

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