Benchmarks, December Quiz.

The December quiz was answered in record time by Mike.

The photograph shows the Ordnance Survey benchmark set into Holy Trinity Church, Russell Road.  For more information on benchmarks follow this link:

Here are some more photographs of benchmarks in Rhyl.  Comment if you know where they are, they will be identified at the end of the month.

The history of Holy Trinity Church can be found in “The Parish of Rhyl” (J.H.Griffiths, 1999).  Here are some brief excerpts:

In 1833 it was decided to build a Chapel of Ease for the convenience of the growing population and Thomas Jones, an architect from Chester was instructed to draw up plans for this chapel, to be known as Rhyl Chapel.

A piece of land was acquired from the Hon. Edward Mostyn Lloyd Mostyn (later Lord Mostyn) of Pengwern Hall, Rhuddlan, to build a chapel.  This was described as “a piece of waste land on the sandy track from the Voryd to Prestatyn” and in 1836 work commenced on the building.

All the services were conducted in Welsh by either the Vicar of Rhuddlan (Revd. Thomas Wynne Edwards) or his curate.  The Revd. Edwards was also responsible for the erection of the first National School in Rhyl in 1842, which he built at a cost of £200 alongside the church, and which was later known as Clwyd Street School.



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5 responses to “Benchmarks, December Quiz.

  1. Mike

    Guess I had better come clean. When you consider I am 12.000kms away I had no chance of finding that benchmark. I looked it up in the UK benchmark database. So I will just crawl quietly back into my box!

  2. Garry Brooks

    I think the bottom photo shows the wall of the chapel in Bath Street/Morley road. But im not 100% sure.

  3. Robert Scott

    Although I know, because a ‘little bird’ confided, you were ‘miffed’ that Mike ‘found’ the Bench Mark so soon, to put up another 5 B.M.s without any identification except for a few bricks surrounding same, is not ‘playing the game’. I shall enter a ‘PASS’ on these.

    • Hee, hee, we don’t mind if the search is virtual or actual, it’s all about sharing the info! It just meant I had to get my finger out with the rest of the information re. the benchmarks and the church.
      Mike, did you live in Rhyl? How long have you been gone?
      Bob, when you’re out walking keep your eyes peeled for little arrows, it’s addictive!
      Gary, nice try, but wrong 🙂

  4. Answers to this quiz are published in a separate post: “Benchmarks, December Quiz: answers”

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