November Quiz – Lyric Hall and Cheetham’s “Silvograph”

The building featured in November’s Quiz has been called many things since it was built in 1890 (Market Street), including  Lyric Hall, Operetta House,  Central Hall and Central Cinema, but the most popular name was “Cheetham’s”.   The Grand Opening of the Lyric Hall took place on Whit Monday 1890.  An advertisment for the show in the Rhyl Record and Advertiser on June 7th  promised  “Comedy!  Farce!  Comic Songs!  Laughable Sketches!”

The Central Hall was opened as Rhyl’s first cinema in 1906, by Mr Arthur Cheetham, the film pioneer.  This from Rhyl Record and Advertiser May 26th, 1906:

Central Hall, Market Street.  Grand Opening with the SILVOGRAPH animated pictures.  150 presents given away to the first persons purchasing tickets on the opening day.  Front seats 1s, Second seats 6d, Back and Gallery 3d.

On June 2nd, the advertisement was equally effusive:

“The steadiest pictures in the world.  Amusing.  Entertaining.  Educational.  Refined.  Electrically driven machine. Two houses nightly at 7 and 8.30pm.  Complete change of programme at each house.  Also at 3pm on Bank Holidays and wet days.



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4 responses to “November Quiz – Lyric Hall and Cheetham’s “Silvograph”

  1. Maggi

    Sounds almost like an advertisement from today !

  2. Robert aka Bob

    Of course, I knew I had seen it but you cheated by only showing half, as usual.
    Well done for the continuing lessons, your hard work is always appreciated.

  3. Garry Brooks

    Amusing. Entertaining. Educational. Refined.
    Must be a reference to the Rhyl History Club.

    Great photo and good stats for information. Like it.

  4. Alun Rhys Jones

    Ah…. I thought it was a building that had been demolished, but it’s now clear that it’s still there!!! Well, who would have thought it… I always lkike to look up at the upper storeys of buildings in town, to get a feel for the kind of building styles that were used and probably for how the ground-floor and frontage might have looked originally

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