Recent history – the changing face of Rhyl

These are the most recent photographs added to the site, dating from the late 70’s/early 80’s



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5 responses to “Recent history – the changing face of Rhyl

  1. Miss Marie Roberts

    What fantastic photos of the Old Rhyl.They bring back so many memories for me,as a child,growing up in Rhyl.My Mother worked on the Rhyl Fairground[Nita Roberts]on the side show,Half Lady and Cleo,Girl in the Gold fish bowl.I also worked as Cleo,when I was 15yrs of age.I have a photo of my Mother outside the show,if you would like to see it.Not sure how to send the photo?Regards Marie Roberts

  2. Glad you enjoyed looking at the photos, Marie. If you’d like to share the photo you could e-mail it to

  3. Garry Brooks

    Great photos again. Keep them coming please .Am i right in thinking that the building next to the old bus station was the Town Hall at some stage. ?

  4. Wendy Farnworth

    Anyone remember Janets the ladies dress shop in Rhyl?

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