Rhyl in the 60’s

Four photographs showing life in Rhyl in the 60’s.  Please leave a comment if you shopped for your veg. in Waterworth’s, bought your vests in Hubbard’s, hung out at the Tudor or were at the cutting edge and shopped at the Tesco supermarket



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54 responses to “Rhyl in the 60’s

  1. Richard Evans

    I remember all these places. Was a regular in The Tudor which was a popular meeting place. Tesco was on the site of Kerfoot Hughes’ Ironmongers in Bodfor Street, where Argus is now. I think the Waterworths store featured was on the north side of Wellington Road, near to its junction with High Street. If my memory serves me correctly, there were two other Waterworth stores in Rhyl, one I know on Wellington Road opposite Warren Road, can’t remember where the other was. I think they were a Liverpool firm, with a number of branches along the north Wales coast. Where they taken over by MacFisheries?

  2. Maggi

    Yes, I did all those !! Happy days . . . apart from having to walk home from Tesco carrying my shopping-no car then !

  3. Laura

    Erm… I wasn’t there but it looks groovy baby!! And I think I spotted my Gran in one of those pics.

  4. David Blease

    Before Tesco was Kerfoots does any one remember them I

  5. David Blease

    I dont know if any one rembers Kerfoots had two shops one in Winsor st

  6. Alun Rhys Jones

    Shop at Tesco? I stacked the bloomin’ shelves on Saturdays, so had intimate knowledge of the innermost secrets the old TESCO had to offer, like the behind the scenes romances between warehousemen and till-girls. Then there was the ultra-autocratic store-manager, who’s word was law. I had to miss playing in the Rugby under-15 Wales national trials, ‘cos I was told that, if I took the day off, I’d be out on my ear…!!!! My Mam shopped @ Waterworths weekly. Yes. it was N. side of Welly Road, at High Street end. Pics tell 1,000 words as usual…. thanks

    • Gareth Morris

      I worked at Tesco’s stacking shelves and fridges, unloaded the food lorries during my summer school holidays in mid sixties. The store manager could easily have been the same one as the one you remember ! Looking after the Off-Licence section was a “Mr & Mrs Parry – I worked a 6 day week and got £11/10/- per week – had a half day occasionally. Thanks for your comments –

  7. Mike

    Remember Kerfoot Hughes & Jones and Clement Hughes on the opposite side of Bodfor St

  8. Mike

    Does anyone remember a shop called Nelson’s (bikes and sporting goods)?Think it was in Queen Street, lower than Cookson’s shop

  9. Garry Brooks

    Yes i remember it well. All the photos have memories, and Tesco’s was where i nearly got a parking ticket but i told the lady attendant i was on holiday and didnt know the area so she let me off.

  10. Mike

    Let’s find out if there are many real “ancients” still around! South side of Marsh Road; nothing beyond Ffordd Las apart from an old stone building (full of cats) until you reached G W Collins food warehouse, then Thomas Cliff stamp factory, Netley Rd and Weston Rd (both unsealed). On the opposite side was Springfleld Nurseries. Beyond Weston Rd was an army camp (Balsover I believe) prior to being taken over by Derbyshire Miners. At the end of Marsh rd was Nevitt’s piggery

  11. I have been speaking to an 85 year old ancient today who remembers Mr Jim Nevitt’s smallholding at the end of Marsh Road. Mr Nevitt was a railwayman who kept some pigs, hens etc. He was a small man with a big ginger moustache.

    • Mike

      Good to know there are other “ancients” still around! I can remember the old clay pits between Tynewydd Farm and the railway bridge, later became the rubbish dump. Cefndy Road brick works was still operating. Remember the old “banana’ life boat but one thing I can find no reference to is an old mill with a water wheel on Pentre Lane, Rhuddlan. Am I losing the plot or was there such a creature?

      • jan sanders

        There was such a creature!!!! I remember as child, going to to The Old Mill stream….it was in ruins, but the millstone was lying on the wayside….

      • John

        I seem to remember the old building but not a working Mill. It was derelict in 1960 ish. You could get to it from the Rhyl side via Bryn Cynnin Road, then first right down a lane/track (which met up with Pentre Lane)and past a pond on the right where I used to fish – probably about half a mile or so from the pond towards Rhuddlan – on the right I think.

      • mike demack

        Certainly was a mill in pentre lane. There are photos of the bits thatt are left and I have seen old photos of the original.

      • richard

        hi mike, how old is the rubbish dump in the clay pits between tynewydd farm and the railway bridge. a 1912 map shows the clay pit then disappears in the 1960s

  12. Alun Rhys Jones

    My great great grandmother (Amelia Hoskins) and her two sons (Ellis and my own Great-Taid Edwin) lived in Gerddi cottages, in Cenfdy area, in the 1860s, but I don’t know where that is… long since demolished I’ve no doubt, but I’m guessing that Gerddi might have appeared on any really early street-maps of Rhyl… Any clues?

  13. Garry Brooks

    Nice to see new shops opening in Rhyl. Costa coffee and the old Talbots shop now going to be cruise clothing. i remember when i used to go with my mum to the same shop, (down-stairs), to pay the electric bill and then late 60’s to get my haircut by John ?. That’s when Evans cafe in the High street was busy on 3 floors. Their Rum Truffles used to make me feel sick after i had eaten 3/4.

  14. Alan

    Remember Gilbert Emerys, where Poundstretcher is now? Talk about pressing your nose against the window looking at the toys, especially at Christmas time. Always wanted the johnny 7 machine gun cum rocket launcher, guess Santa never got my letter. Another great shop was Shepherds, corner of Sussex st/Water st. , loads of toys and bikes.

    • Alun Rhys Jones

      Gilbert Emery’s shop in High Street looked as though it had been there since Saxon days…. Everything seemed so permament to a little lad like me, but then it just closed down! Couldn’t believe it… Shops closing down was a rarity in those days, but nowadays they just close, re-open, close re-open ad infinitum. Just as well Waterworths is still there… What, it’s gone too… Oh B*gger!

    • Nick Roberts

      I to remember Shepherds, my nan Hilda Roberts, mother of Edward(Ted) and Sheila. We would go to my nans every Saturday in the early 70’s and it was such a great place to grow up. We lived in Prestatyn at the time but nan lived in Rhyl.
      I can also remember always having Don’s fish and chips for lunch.
      My nan lived on Oxford Grove.
      Great Days.

      • Nick Roberts

        Forgot to say that my nan worked in Shepherds when we were young.

      • Tracey

        Back in the 1960,s Dons was called Ferridays, Don the guy who ran it looked just like Arthur Haines, the 1960,s comic, i recall a picture of Arthur Haines with Don behind the counter

      • colin

        Do you remember the Warrens on Oxford Grove. WHatever happened to them especially the girl Sheila ?

  15. Maggi

    Waterworths always smelt of going off veg when you walked past that entry at the side. If I walk past it area nowadays I can still smell it-perhaps it’s a ghost smell!!

  16. carole little

    Do you still have the fun fair
    I remember as a youngster putting discs in the machines as money was not available at that time.

  17. Ray Billington

    I was lucky enough to be born and bread in R hyl in the early 1930’s – what a wonderful place to live especially when growing up in the 1950’s with the Queen’s and Ritz dance halls in full swing. Can anyone provide information regarding Alan Edwards’ a wonderful music and toy shop in High Street.

  18. Trish Williams

    the Tudor cafe picture features my auntie, Vera Hughes, she’s the second from the right with the glasses, my mum and two other sisters also worked there for many years, they are not on the photo and unfortunately i don’t know who the other three ladies in the photo are .

    • John Roberts

      hi,I used to live a couple of doors down from Vera . I used to play with here daughter Linda and later dated her a few times when we got older.My name is John Roberts, also my mother Audrey worked there many many years ago when she was about 20 yrs old.Lots of fond memories of Rhyl growing up. I now live in Australia.

  19. Hi Trish, lt-rt on the photo is Dorothy Williams nee Beech, unknown, Vera Hughes and then May Griffiths. Thanks for the comment, we previously only had two names.

  20. John Hamilton Smith

    Good to see Cefndy Brick Pit mentioned in this thread. My grandfather, James Frederick Hamilton Smith, was the works manager and retired some time before WW2. It would be great if anyone had scanned photos of the place, or even of him.

  21. Tracey

    I remember all these shops, Waterworths had soup plates in the window, with prunes and various other tiinned stuff, displayed, as for Espleys in Sussex st, i worked for Mr Jim , from 1972 – 1976, summer holidays,after school,dont think shops would be allowed to sell the savory ducks,we sold then, i also worked one summer in Espleys bakehouse above the shop,i tell my kids and grand kids how i got £1.50 for the whole week ,that step i must have mopped a thousand times, ,on my first day i can remember telling Mrs Espley nobody would pay 36p for a quarter of Ox tongue, back then Espleys Brawn (with the pigs whiskers set in the Jelly) was 7p a quarter
    I think there was Robertsons the veg shop over the road, where they always asked if you were alright for seedless tangerines, or any other veg, to this day, i havent tasted , any tomato,s that matched their own Rosemead tomato,s happy days,……. my mum wouldnt let us go in the Tudor cafe as she always said it was common

  22. Does anyone remember The smithy at the Vale Road end of Cefndy Road Rhyl.I can vaguely picture it but I am told it was demolished in the 60’s. Has anyone got any pictures?

    • philip hughes

      yes have happy memories of the smithy. used to call in there regularly after school. (ysgol mair). shame that its gone as it was a friendly place back in the sixties, when i was a little boy. when i go past now feel quite nostalgic and sad. loved growing up in rhyl,then moved to chester now live in leeds wyorks.

      andrew hughes

  23. Ian Christie

    Can anybody remembet the name of the toy shop just up the road from Gilbert Emery,opposite Talbots shop?

  24. phillipyoung yes rember sheperds my wife hade baby while i word there all so work at summers for couple off years as well

  25. Angela Lancaster

    I remember tescos my mum always bought my dresses from there

  26. Paul Jones

    Long Gone
    Does anyone remember the little greengrocers shop on Russell Road, just before Whittakers Opticians and opposite Holy Trinity Church.
    It was owned by an elderly couple in the 1960s called Elwy and Hilda Davies.
    I used to serve in the shop as a 14 year old and deliver orders on a bike with a big front panier. The building is no longer there, it really needed demolishing then but it was their very simple spartan home. ELWY DAVIES was not a well man. He was superintendent of the St Thomas Sunday School where I helped teach, even as a teenager.
    Anyone with recollections ?

    • Hi Paul, I remember Mr and Mrs Davies and their fruit and veg shop. It seemed very small. Mr Davies was asthmatic I think. I lived in Church St so called often. Further along was The Swan, Batties, TV shop, opposite was Russel Cafe, further up Fred Salt, fishmongers, Mr Pearse sweets and tobacco… Geoff Lake

      • Paul Jones

        Hi Geoff Lake
        My apologies , only just seen your reply to my query.
        Did you go to Rhyl Grammar School ? Your name rings a bell. I’m pleased someone remembers Elwy and Hilda Davies. They were a lovely old couple living in very poor conditions at the back of the shop.
        Please get in touch.
        Paul Jones

    • Hi Paul, I lived in Church St, no 1, but I think it’s no 29 now. We had a B&B business. Went to Christ Church Primary school in Vaughn St then Sept
      57 went to Glyndwr Secondary, Ernest St.Lots of memories of Rhyl in 50’s
      and early 60’s. Geoff

      • Paul Jones

        I have lived in Sale , Cheshire for 40+ years but still have fond memories of my upbringing in Rhyl. We are probably of a same age , I was born in November 1946 . I went to Ysgol Llewelyn and then RGS. I worked at Elwy Davies shop for a few years , on Saturdays and school holidays. I remember delivering veg etc to numerous B&B in Church Street and Bath Street. I was a choir boy at St. Thomas Church and helped Elwy Davies teaching in the Sunday School. Other summer’s I worked at the chip shop next to the bus station, amusement arcade at the top of High Street and with the horses at the Marine Lake.
        I have memories of the doctors on the corner of Russell Road , particularly Dr. McGregor.
        In forty years I have only been to Rhyl a dozen times, it has certainly changed , rather depressing really.
        Keep in touch
        Paul Jones pau1jones@ntlworld.com

  27. Colin

    I wasn’t a Rhyl resident. I was a boy soldier circa ’65-’66. but I do remember the fair. the wide and long promenade and cafe (thought it was the Tudor) that us squaddies used to meet. Went with a girl who worked in Boots Chemists whose parents ran a B&B on Oxford Grove. Her Dad worked at the printing press. Last name I think was Warren. Have memories of heading back to camp (after the 10:30 bus had departed) along a then lonely road just west of town which took me to a road just in front of Kinmel Park Camp…..Colin S

  28. Martin Owen

    I remember going to see Santa at Kerfoots (circa 1953)

  29. Terry luckman

    I was borne in149 cefndy road in 1945 so i remember old rhyl very well my father was Chris Luckman my mother was dilys Luckman

  30. Ashley

    I used to work in the Tudor Cafe in 1977 when i was 11. It was during the summer hols, pulling ice cream at the front. My nan is Vera Hughes.. my nans sisters worked there too..Auntie Dot (Llewelyn), Auntie Ethel, Auntie Hilda (Maxwell). There was also June with ginger hair and it was owned by Sir Geoffrey from Llanasa Hall, who was a very tall gentleman from the victorian times, nice man though.. It was very pleasant there and i have lots of fond memories from there.

  31. Ashley

    Oh and i used to work with Terry Luckman in Roger W Jones too.. Hi Terry its been a long time x hope your good x Mr Barratt has just passed away last month.. made it to 86 though.. fine gentleman.. with his 40 years of good health down to a blob of Olbas oil on the back on the throat..

  32. Ashley

    Just read that Sir Geoffrey died a few years ago.., An amazing man.. by the sounds of it..

    WAR hero who became High Sheriff of Flintshire died on Sunday at the age of 83.

    Sir Geoffrey Voltelin Bates, of Gyrn Castle, Llanasa, near Holywell, was part of the Cunard shipping line family.

    He had suffered a series of tragedies – all three of his wives died, and he also lost a son and daughter.

    Educated at Radley School in Berkshire, he became a captain in the 8th Hussars and during World War II was awarded the Military Cross.

    His grandfather, Sir Percy Bates, was chairman of Cunard in the 1940s but died suddenly in his office in 1946, on the eve of the maiden voyage of the Queen Elizabeth. His luggage was already on board. Sir Geoffrey inherited the title of 5th Baronet Bates of Bellefield, Lancaster.

    His first wife Kitty, whom he married in 1945, died in 1956, and his second wife, the Hon Olivia Gwyneth Zoe Fitzroy, whom he married the following year, died in 1969.

    In 1971 he married Juliet Whitelocke, but she died in 2003. In 1969 he was High Sheriff of Flintshire and served as president of the Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Society.

  33. Peter Wilson

    I recall fondly my childhood years of living in Rhyl. My family lived in Bodfor Street and after school in the early 60s, my friends and I would meet up in Joyland in Queen Street the only arcade at the time open in the winter months. We also spent hours playing the pinball machine in the little cafe at the back of the Crossville Bus Station. Think it was called The Little Chef but not sure now. Also spent our time in the Tudor Cafe and then riding our bikes in the large lorry park located just behind the Tudor next to the youth club. I hold great memories of a fantastic childhood living in the centre of Rhyl.

  34. Sarah Maggs

    My aunt was Dora the milk lady in the 60’s in Rhyl.
    Her husband was Bill.

  35. Paul parry

    I remember mrs parry in Tesco I used to work there as well

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