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There were no answers received re. the quiz photo.  The photograph showed a house in Gronant Street – although after doing a little research it could be equally be called Coastguard Street.  This from “Rhyl and Round About” by J.W.Jones (1970):

Many people are puzzled by the coat of arms which is to be seen on a house in Gronant street.  Some people believe that it used to belong to a licenced house but I find this to be not so.  The house used to be occupied by a coastguard named Veale and the insignia shows that it was a coastguard house.”

The census records of 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 show that many houses in Gronant Street were homes to members of H.M. Coastguard. Numbers 9, 11, 18, 20 and 22 in fact.  Coastguards included George Hockey of Bridport,  Michael Foley of Skibbereen, Co. Cork, John Connor of Hastings and Thomas Jones of Pembrokeshire.

Further research has failed to identify the coat of arms, has anyone any information?

Here is this month’s puzzler:



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4 responses to “Quiz photo……

  1. Barry Jones

    This is a detail on a now disused Welsh (Methodist?) Chapel on Vale Road, opposite Ty’n Rhyl (no Barratt’s Restaurant). My piano teacher used to play the organ there – Barbara Griffiths LLCM. Anyone remember her? She died only about three years ago and lived well into her 90s. Lovely lady.

  2. Yes, well done – Bethel Chapel on Vale Road. It’s now the Wellspring Christian Centre. I don’t remember Barbara Griffiths, but I’m sure somebody out there will……

  3. Mark-Anthony Hill

    ( In Response To You’re Photo On Gronant Street In Rhyl )

    The House That Is Pictured Is No.15 & 17, Yes It Used To Be A Coast Guard House, But It Also Used To Be A Pub Before That As I Have a Friend That Had Some Photographs Of His Grandparents Having Drink There When It Was A Pub But The Only Problem Is That He Cant Remember Where He Has Put Them Or The Name Of this Building when It Was a Tavern,

    I Actually Live In this House Now In No. 17 Pictured On The Right Of The Photograph And I Am Tying To Track Down The Name Of What This Building Was Called.

    Please Could Anyone who Reads This Find Out Any Information That They Can About This Building.


    • Hi Mark-Anthony, do you know what year you think it may have been a pub? You could try contacting the Local Archives at Hawarden, tel no: 01244 532364.
      J.W. Jones, whom we quoted, couldn’t find any evidence of it ever being a pub, but who knows?
      For example, a respected Rhyl history book incorrectly states that the old horse trough was donated to the town by the Rowley Conways, which we now know to be incorrect, so it always worth having a second look at these things. Good Luck, and let us know if you uncover any new information.

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