Mid month miscellany…

During a recent conversation about old Rhyl, someone mentioned the promenade inspectors. There were three uniformed inspectors apparently, whose job it was to “police” the promenade, e.g. making sure bicycles were not being ridden along the prom.  I have absolutely no recollection, can readers please blog any memories please?

Here is a photograph (click on it to enlarge) that will form part of a regular photo quiz section, please blog if you know the location or have any further information:

Lastly, a topical photograph.  The photograph below is of the High Street in 1883, believed to be where Marks and Spencer stands today – what next for this site?



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6 responses to “Mid month miscellany…

  1. Can I enter? I know, I know-that would be cheating !!


    I remember the promenade Inspectors as i was questioned by them for riding my bike along the prom between Water street/Queen street. Am i right in remembering that they had peaked hats and dark blue jackets and trousers ? They also caught me trying to bunk into the open-air baths, over the double gates that faced the water fountain and sunbathing area. Happy days. !!


    Promenade inspectors…
    From my childhood days, I remember that they were the ONLY people allowed to ride a bike on the prom,
    They seemd always to address you as “Oi, You!” and were stock full of reasons why you CAN’T do whatever it was you were doing.
    I’m guessing that in post-war / post-nat-svce Britain, most people were prepared to be bossed about by a bloke just because he had a peaked cap on and a badge or two…

  4. Can anyone remember how long they were around for? What years they started and stopped? Any photographs? Whilst working on the archive we saw hundreds of photographs but I never saw one of the promenade inspectors. Will anyone own up to having a promenade inspector in their family? Ed.

  5. Ann

    We had a promenade inspector lodging in are home when I was quite young his name was Ronnie Davies, a lovely man, his daughter works for the local council now Sian Davies .

  6. Maggi

    Message from Carole Smythe in Canada via Maggi.
    The photo of Gronant St. is 15-17 Gronant St. Do you remember we
    went there and a man was renovating it? He told us it was the place where
    they housed the horses for the Rhyl lifeboat crew. My great-great
    grandfather Peter Edwards was one of the lifeboat crew who were on the
    “Seagull” that capsized in the Irish Sea on January 23, 1853. He and two
    other survived. Six died. His family, including my great-grandparents and
    grandmother lived at 4 Gronant St. from 1883 – 1894. Peter Edwards was the
    innkeeper at The Abbey Vaults, 1 Abbey St. and died there in 1883. My
    grandmother was born at The Abbey Vaults.

    Hope you are doing well and I really enjoy the website

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