June 1st, 1911.

This photograph is exactly 100 years old.  It shows members of Clwyd Street Chapel on a Sunday School Trip to Tremeirchion.  The local newspaper of the day records the details:

Rhyl Journal. June 3rd 1911.
‘There was a considerable exodus from the town yesterday (June 1st.) in connection with various excursions and picnics which had been arranged.  The annual Masonic picnic was held at Llangollen.  The Clwyd Street C.M. Sunday School outing to Tremeirchion was extensively patronised as was that of the Warren Road C.M. Sunday School to Llanddulas.’

However, the School Attendance Committee, like the Education Authority today, were not happy about unauthorised absence from school and this report appeared in the Journal the very next week.

Rhyl Journal 10th. June 1911.
‘Rhyl School Attendance Committee.’
” The Sunday School Treat Question.”
“Mr Parry (School Attendance Officer) said that from an attendance point of view Sunday School treats had been a plague in his district in the past month and he thought that something should be done in regard to the matter.  He said that last Thursday alone between 100 and 200 children were absent due to Sunday School Treats.”

“Mr Gamlin said that one effective way of dealing with this question might be to summon half a dozen parents for not sending their children on the occasion of some treat.  It was a most reprehensible practice for these treats to upset school attendance as they had done.  He proposed that a letter be sent to the officers of the various Sunday Schools in the district urging that as far as possible the treats should be arranged to take place during the holidays or on Saturdays.”


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