Film footage…

Wonderful old film footage of Rhyl on the British Pathe News site, link below



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3 responses to “Film footage…

  1. lleol

    Fantastic ! as in some sort of forgotten fantasy land that was once Rhyl.

  2. gareth brooks

    Brilliant. Loved all of the football films.

  3. John

    What a pleasure to watch the film of Rhyl – 1947 – before I was born – brings back memories though – the boat leaving from the river bank looked like the old May Queen – I wonder if it was painted white later or perhaps it was a different boat? The white May Queen and the White Thistle used to give pleasure trips opposite the Have and Palace Hotels. I remember the old tank they had, to push the wheeled platforms out to sea for the passengers to walk along to get on the boats (with handrails). I do remember the throngs of holiday makers, as a lad, especially the Daytrippers on a Sunday. The old Red Mine on the prom which was used for charity takings. (I never saw anyone empty it throughout my childhood?? The sewer outfall which spewed out raw sewage into the river on the ebb tide. I remember once I was in the river at low tide when I heard a roar coming from the sewer pipe (approx 5ft diameter). The time clock to release the sewage in Westbourne Avenue must have been set incorrectly for the tide and the pipe opened allowing raw sewage to flood out into the river all over the rocks then down the river and out to sea. The river we used to swim in daily. The smell and toilet papaer etc. ough!! (some not so pleasant memories) That’s probably what fed the massive flounders I used to catch in the same spot. John

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