In at the deep end…

This newly acquired card shows a very accomplished diver at Rhyl Swimming Baths.  The card is not postally used and there is no date on the back.  Can anyone date it from the swimming costumes etc?  I can remember the diving boards in the sixties but stayed well away!  The bay was nine feet deep.  There were several boards, both springboards and platforms, and they were pretty high.  Does anyone know how high?  Apparently the U.S.Olympic Diver Pete Desjardins did some exhibition dives here.  Born in 1907, he won a Silver Medal in the Summer Olympics in Paris in 1924 and two Gold Medals in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam.  I wonder if this is him in Rhyl in the 1930’s, what do you think? Ed.

Diving Bay, Rhyl Swimming Baths.


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2 responses to “In at the deep end…

  1. Looking a the styles I would guess 1920s.

  2. Alun Rhys Jones

    Hello, I remember those Rhyl open-air pool diving boards in the sixties.The top board was 5m high and I first dived off it in 1962 when I was just eight! I couldn’t really swim properly at that time, but I was encouraged by my (late) older brother, Bunny,to work my way up the five fixed boards, one at a time. Once I’d dived from the top for the first time, no other boards would do. I was hooked. Yes, the diving bay was definitely nine-feet deep and at the bottom your ears would go “pop”

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