A view of Prestatyn, by request.

Ok, it’s not Rhyl but I have had a special request to show this unusual view of Prestatyn.  Can anyone identify the location of the houses in the  foreground?  This is a postally used card but unfortunately the date is obscured.  Any ideas? Ed.



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7 responses to “A view of Prestatyn, by request.

  1. tony durcan

    The postcard is a scene East of Fforddlas. the houses of Linden Drive dominate. The date is about 1915. The smaller structures in the foreground of the houses which have chimneys are probably laundry houses. This was pre washing machine times and laundry rooms such as these can be seen in N. T. properties such as Erddig. The information was obtained from Trefor Thompson’s book Old Prestatyn and Meliden printed December 1981 by Charter Press Ltd Rhuddlan.

  2. G.A.J Brooks

    This is a tricky one, but i will pass on to Prestayn people that i know to see if they can help.

  3. This has had me stumped since it was posted, I knew it was somewhere up near the Fforddlas area! Thanks Tony, I can now stop thinking about it!

  4. carole little


  5. The card shows Pendre Avenue area, off Gronant Road. There are still caravan parks nearer the sea.

  6. Diane

    Yes the houses in the photo are on Mount Ida and Pendre Ave

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