Horse trough – update

“The Commissioners accepted a splendid new granite cattle drinking trough, presented to the town by Mr Thomas Winston”  “The committee recommended that the drinking trough be fixed in front of the market hall premises, and close to the cab stand in Queen Street”. North Wales Chronicle, Rhyl Record and Advertiser 1877.

“Soon to be an added attraction at Bodrhyddan Hall is the horse trough which stood for so many years in Queen Street, Rhyl. “Presented by a friend to animals” reads the inscription and the stone trough is being offered a home by a friend to Rhyl, Lord Langford, who already has the old clock tower from Rhyl in the grounds of his beautiful home.” Gazette 30th January 1973.

Even “Old Rhyl” by Trefor Thompson (1982) says “It was provided by the grandmother of the present owner of Bodrhyddan Hall, Lord Langford”.  Not according to the newspapers of the day!



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