New Year, new photo…

Lots of us will remember the horse trough which stood in Queen Street outside the Town Hall.  It was donated to the town by Rhyl’s first station master, Thomas Winston.  He was a great philanthropist, making many donations to St. Thomas’s Church.  It was removed in the 1973 and is now, apparently, at Bodrhyddan Hall.  Another piece of Rhyl’s history that is gone from our town.

The horse trough, Queen Street.



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4 responses to “New Year, new photo…

  1. Maggi

    Was it the 80s ?! It was in front of the children’s library wasn’t it? I picture it full of leaves!

  2. lleol

    Thought it was donated by Rowley Conwy. What was inscribed on the side ?Was it first moved to the Prom toilets ( clock tower ) or was that another one ?

  3. Clive

    I, also, thought it was donated by Rowley Conway which is why it has ended up at Bodrhyddan Hall.

  4. Mmm, interesting. The information about Thomas Winston is taken from the archive CD. It might be incorrect, but it’s obviously come from somewhere (? annotation on the back of the photo). Will do the research and re-post when I have more information. Ed

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