December’s photograph

The open air baths were opened on June 5th, 1930.  Designed by A A Goodall, the baths measured 110 yards by 30 yards.  During the 1930 season 223,000 passed through the turnstiles.

I  have wonderful memories of the baths in the 1960’s.  The water temperature for the day was displayed on the right as you entered.  Temperatures over 70F were lovely but I remember going in the water at 56F – can anyone go lower than that?  If so, please  leave comments on the website blog. Thanks, Ed.



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9 responses to “December’s photograph

  1. I refer my esteemed friend to the Reso and Beyond the Reso in which the outdoor baths features!
    47 degrees was the coldest I experienced

  2. Maggi

    I think the changing rooms were the worst bit-dark and dank and slimey-ewch!! There was always a decision about going in the water-get it over with quickly or go slowly down the steps-I’ve got goosebumps thinking about it.

  3. lleol

    Shilling to get in. Wet cold dank changing rooms, wringer for cozzy, brylcreme machine charge one old penny per squirt. Good springboards / diving boards, Log rolling – Beauty contests – one I remember cos a well known local aged about 8 smoking a fag decided to walk round behind the ladies taking up their poses

    • Trish

      i used to go to the outdoor baths every day during the school holidays in the 60’s, it was great fun, especially jumping off that top board it was far to scarey to dive off, and remember the Miss Sunny Rhyl competitions

  4. G.A.J Brooks

    What about the Fountain. Every young boy climbed it. Then lay in the sun down the fountain end looking at the girls.
    They used to wash to changing rooms with a fire hose that used sea water.

  5. Alun Rhys Jones

    I’ve been in at 48 degrees, but it was usually closed at less than 50… very kind… Wasn’t the width 25yds, not 30 as described? Many school holidays were spent in the baths. I remember being turfed out of there one Weds p.m., during a bathing beauty contest, ‘cos I broke the rules and climbed up to the top-board and dive-bombed a contestant as she passed the diving area. I was barred for a full week, but it was worth it though…

  6. carole little

    Well remember the syncronized swimming with
    Audrey Muller from THE BEE HOTEL RHYL
    and getting planter warts from the shower rooms
    all well worth it happy memories,
    what about the skating rink?

  7. carole little

    Audrey and husband Roy were great hosts at THE BEE HOTEL
    they moved to queensland around 25 years ago sorry to say have
    tried to find them with no success, will keep trying.

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