History in colour

Here is a photograph of the famous, or should I say infamous, Monorail.  Opened in 1979 by Terry Wogan, it apparently only lasted for a few weeks.  I’ve never met anyone who actually went on it.  Please blog your memories.

The Monorail



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3 responses to “History in colour

  1. Laura

    Im afraid I don’t remember it but why don’t we ask Terry? http://www.facebook.com/TerryWogan

  2. Chris Simpson

    I remember going on this as a kid of 11ish.. It was very exciting for me as I was (still am) interested in all kinds of mechanical / electrical things! I remember it wasn’t as smooth as I was expecting – you could feel the carriages running over the track joins etc. I guess looking at it from the ground it looked like it glided on air! I think we had heard some stories about it breaking down and people having to be rescued by a ladder – fortunately that wasn’t our experience 🙂 Happy memories!

  3. Ian B

    I went on this on a Sunday-school outing one year. Must have been late 70’s. I was unaware it lasted for such a short time though,,,

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